Philips Beard Trimmer BT3102/25

Rs. 1,370.00 Rs. 1,495.00
Lift & Trim system cuts 30% faster* *Trims evenly and captures low-lying hairs *Get a perfect but protective trim *Longer lasting battery *Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin *Adjusts to different length settings Effortless even trim This trimmer with the innovative Lift & Trim system lifts and captures more low-lying hairs for efficient, even trimming results. This way you will easily achieve the 3-day stubble, short beard or long beard look you want. Trims evenly and captures low-lying hairs. Perfect for stubble, the Philips beard trimmer features our new Lift & Trim system: a comb that lifts and guides the hairs to the level of the blades for an even trim Get a perfect but protective trim The self-sharpening steel blades on the Philips 3000 beard trimmer stay as sharp and effective as on day 1 to deliver a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. Longer lasting battery This beard trimmer uses DuraPower technology to reduce friction on the blades, preserve the motor, and keep your battery going four times longer. Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin Designed to prevent scratches and irritation, the blades have rounded tips for smoother skin contact. 

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