Pac Instant Brush Cleaner

Rs. 985.00

This one is a blessing in a bottle. The PAC brush cleaner is one of the best ways to clean your makeup brushes. It is specifically made to clean and condition your makeup brushes. Highly convenient to use this smart liquid is a must-have in your vanity.

Brushes go through wear and tear due to regular use. The usual mixing of liquids, spreading of colours and blending of creams can deposit product on the bristles and prevent brushes from performing their masterstrokes. The worst can be brushes used to apply gel eyeliner or kohl. The bristles gather a thick coating of product making it difficult to create those perfect lines. But here’s a smart solution to all – clean your brushes!

The PAC instant brush cleaner keeps your brushes in prime condition. Taking care of your brushes without waiting can make them last long and be ready for use whenever you want. It cleans without water and needs almost no drying time.

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