Lotus Professional Puravitals Eucalypto Invigorating Cleanser,260gm

Rs. 580.00 Rs. 645.00

for normal to oily skin. Use this Puravitals Eucalypto Invigorating Cleanser of Lotus Professional to have a more vibrant look than ever. This will act as a cleansing agent and will keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Available in the cream formulation the gel is suitable for any type of skin whether normal or oily. Made by the Lotus professionals by lots of effort the gel has been made to give you a rejuvenating look. The gel has extracts of eucalypto in it which is 100% natural and it has lots of benefits for the skin. The eucalyptus has healing process which will heal any types of cuts and wounds on the skin and make you get rid of acne and pimples. The antibacterial effect of the product will give you a smooth skin. It will help you get rid the blemishes and it is being used in a majority of the aromatherapy products as it has lots of benefits. It is also used for the treatment of chicken pox and herpes. Helps in treating skin infection and insect bites the gel is perfect for you. Lotus professional is well known for its aromatherapy products and natural cosmetic products which is being used widely by the number of people around the globe.

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