Lotus Professional Fruit Seeds Exfoliating Gel, 300gm

Rs. 625.00 Rs. 695.00

To get natural and fresh looks, Lotus Professional Puravitals Fruit Seeds Exfoliating Gel is the best cleanser. Enriched with natural fruit seeds, it is suitable for all skin types such that from normal to oily skins. The main feature of this gel is to control the pigmentation and remove the dead skin. By taking out all the impurities of the skin, it helps to make your skin look young and lovely. For a healthy look, this gel contains nutrients and no artificial additives. It protects the skin from environmental changes, pollution and different skin problems as well as makes the skin bacteria independent. This gel formulation is designed in such a way that it suits the skin of both men and women and keeps them energetic for the whole day.

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