Lotus Natural Glow Facial Kit 37g

Rs. 156.00 Rs. 195.00
Chasing time backwards is probably the last impossible option to get back your flawless skin but nothing is impossible if you have the right resources. This facial kit brings to you everything you need to keep beauty locked within your skin so radiance beams. Deep Pore cleanser clogging of pores will result in enlarged pores and acne so stay away from such disastrous steps by using this kit to deep cleanse the pores on your skin. Exfoliates dull layers of skin dead skin lining your skin needs exfoliation in order for your skin to look flawless and young and this facial will remove all the layers of dead skin. Lightens and nourishes the skin Fairer and more healthy skin can be achieved by using the contents of this kit to regularly treat your face to pampering. 

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