Biosoft Liposoluble Chocolate Cream Wax 800g

Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 1,350.00
Biosoft’s Chocolate Crème Liposoluble Wax Is Blended With The Properties And Fragrance Of Chocolate Which Helps To Embed Your Skin With Hydration And Rejuvenation. It Helps To Remove All The Fine And Underlined Hair Easily That Leaves Your Skin Smooth And Shining. This Product Gives You A Luxurious Depilatory Experience With A Perfect Chocolate Feel And A Great Exotic Aroma. The Presence Of Skin Smoothening And Conditioning Agents In This Wax Help In Moisturizing The Skin. This Wax Helps To Prevent Ingrowth, Delays Hair Growth And Leaves Your Skin Smooth And Supple.

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