Biosoft Duo Wax Heater 450g

Rs. 4,875.00 Rs. 6,500.00
Biosoft’s Duo Wax Heater Is Designed With Premium Features, From Regulating Temperatures To A Good Capacity, And Also Has Sufficient Power To Reach High Temperatures In A Short Time, Allowing The Wax To Melt Quickly And Evenly. The Duo Heater With Its Ergonomic Design And Lightweight Materials Will Complement An Easy Waxing Process And Will Make Wax Heating Effortless, Quick And Efficient. It Comes With Double Can Cavities. It Has A Circular Heating Element For A Uniform Fast Meltdown, Which Ensures That The Wax Will Melt Sooner, Hence Taking Lesser Of Your Time To Prepare The Wax. It Has Indicator Lights With Adjustable Thermostat And Adjustable Temperature Settings, Which Allows You To Regulate The Temperature As Per Your Own Requirement. Along With All Of These Features, The Main Stand Out Point Of This Duo Heater Is That Its Two Tin Cavities Have Separate Controls For Each, Which Means It Can Be Used To Heat Two Different Waxes At The Same Time.

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