Pac Longlasting Kohl Pencil

Rs. 395.00
• Choose the shade you like
• Uncap the kohl pencil
• Make sure your kohl pencil is well sharpened
• Start to draw a line below your eye waterline
• Some like to start drawing from the inner end and some from the outer end
• Choose an end you are comfortable with
• Now simply stretch the kohl pencil or eyeliner across the rim
• Keep your hand steady and keep drawing
• Once you’ve made a line you can thicken the line if you want a more intense or dramatic look
• If your eye makeup is already heavy then draw a single line and you can use a smudger to it a bit for a sexier look that is not very defined
• Keep away your kohl pencil with the cap on once done
• Avoid sharing kohl pencils to keep your eyes safe
• Avoid using a blunt kohl eye pencil

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