Philips Hair Dryer Bhc017/00 Thermoprotect 1200 Watts with Air Concentrator + Diffuser Attachment

Rs. 1,595.00

Easy care for your hair: The new Philips essential care hair dryer is cute, compact and powerful. 1200W power enables you to dry hair gently and quickly. Flexible caring settings are designed to meet different drying needs and offer extra care. Beautifully styled hair, 1200W gentle drying for beautiful results, Brush diffuser for easier hair management while drying, Concentrator focuses the airflow for a polished, shiny look. Less hair damage, ThermoProtect temperature setting, Cool air setting for extra gentle drying Easy to use, 3 flexible pre-selected drying settings for different needs, Foldable handle for easy portability, Compact design for easy handling and carrying, Fast air setting for efficient but gentle drying.

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